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Student recruitment

The Institute of Basic Science (IBS) Center for Genome Integrity in Ulsan, South-Korea is looking for motivated students.


Stephane Rolland, a former member of the Faculty of Biology, moved in 2020 to South-Korea as a group leader in the Institute of Basic Science (IBS) Center for Genome Integrity (CGI) ( at the UNIST campus (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) in Ulsan, South-Korea.

In the new laboratory of Genetic and Genomic Toxicology (GGTB) directed by Prof. Gartner, they focus on understanding the basic mechanisms of mutagenesis, the fail-safe mechanisms that ensure faithful genome maintenance and the elimination of compromised cells by programmed cell death using Caenorhabditis elegans and mammalian cells. The lab is composed of two groups. The group working with C. elegans is co-led by Stephane Rolland and Prof. Gartner. The group working with mammalian cells is co-led by Dr. Dmitry Ivanov and Prof. Gartner.

Please visit the website for more information:

The group is looking for motivated Master students, PhD students or Master/PhD students. At UNIST, all undergraduate teaching is done in English. UNIST also offers excellent Master program, Doctoral program and combined Master-Doctoral program ( Institute for Basic Science (IBS) (which is the equivalent of the Max Planck Institute in Korea) was founded in 2011 ( and since then 30 IBS research centers opened up throughout Korea.

Please contact Stephane Rolland at, if you are interested.