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Master’s Thesis offered in Lassak lab (LMU biocenter)

PD Dr. Jürgen Lassak offers a master´s thesis project on phage mediated post-translational control of bacterial physiology.


Jürgen Lassak offers a master´s thesis on "Phage mediated post-translational control of bacterial physiology".

Bacteriophages or phages are the most abundant organisms in the biosphere and they are a
ubiquitous feature of prokaryotic existence. They have been of interest to scientists as tools to
understand fundamental molecular biology, as vectors of horizontal gene transfer and drivers
of bacterial evolution, as sources of diagnostic and genetic tools and as novel therapeutic
agents. Unraveling the biology of phages and their relationship with their hosts is key to
understanding microbial systems and their exploitation. We have now identified a gene, that
is highly conserved in many phages and with the ability to shape the whole bacterial proteome.
In my lab we are seeking for a highly motivated student to pursue a master thesis (flexible
starting time) and to investigate the impact of this protein using biochemical and molecular

If you are interested, then send a letter of motivation (1 page DinA4), your transcript of
records as well as the CV via email to