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Intercultural Communication Certificate Program (ICCP): Sharing Worlds


ICCP is a bilingual postgraduate certificate program open to all MA students @LMU (with the exception of students enrolled in the Intercultural Communication MA degree course) which aims at reflecting the changed conditions of our current globalized realities based on the assumption of an irreducible difference between everything that is and to practice new and innovative ways of democratic coexistence based on the principles of mutuality, reciprocity and resonance.

Being an international and culturally diverse team with many years of working and teaching experience within the field of Intercultural Communication, ICCP wants to prepare its students for the challenges of working and living together in today’s globalized world(s).

Whether you aim to:

* work in the HR or D&I department of a global company and/or international organization and want to get better at handling (cultural) diversity
* learn how to be, speak and act in an inclusive manner
* get involved in refugee work or in initiatives for migrants and immigrants
* learn about conflict management and negotiation techniques helping you to ‘solve’ or maybe even prevent potential (culturally coded) conflicts, misunderstandings, frictions and/or irritations,

ICCP is a sustainable way of growing into interculturally competent citizens and a valuable means of becoming aware of the full potential and beauty inherent in our mutual difference(s).

Our program is accepting applications until October 6, 2022.

Please send an email stating your name, matriculation number and MA study subject to one of the email addresses mentioned below. Up to 60 students can be accepted. Should more students apply, a lottery will decide.

Dr. Kari van Dijk

Dr. Gregor Sterzenbach

We look forward to working with you!

The ICCP Team
Prof. Dr. Anna Meiser
Dr. Gregor Sterzenbach
Valentin Burgert (MA)
Hannah Ritchie

If you want to know more about our learning goals and the program set-up, please check out our website: